What Is It?

This is a service that we provide to anyone who has a faulty, damaged, or otherwise non-working piece of IT equipment. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, printer, tablet, projector, server, mobile device – we will have a look at the faulty unit, assess the damage to see what is wrong and provide a quotation on what is required for your beloved piece of IT equipment to be fully operational once more – we do this all FOR FREE! The Assessment period takes 2-3 working days once the faulty unit is booked in.

How To Book Your Faulty Unit In – The Process:

Walk-In Centres – You can bring your faulty unit into any of our branches directly. We have branches across all of South Africa. For information on our branches, please click here.

Log a collection Online – You can log a collection request at a fee, for us to come to your door and fetch your faulty unit, after which we transport it to our nearest branch where it will be assessed. To log a collection request, please click here.

We offer a courier collection and delivery service. Courier arrives with packaging material for the laptop to be shipped in, please click here.

What Do You Require To Book Your Faulty Unit In:

When booking your faulty unit in for a free assessment, ensure the AC adapter, cartridges, and any other accessories are provided along with the unit.

How To Track Your Progress:

Track your progress by visiting our Online Job Tracking.

Job Number – This can be found:

  • On Your Quotation
  • On Your Job Card Provided To You